"KET Kaizen Community Awards 2020"

 Accordance to Kubota Engine (Thailand) Co., Ltd., was invited all supplier to join online “KET's Annual supplier Meeting 2020”, on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 at Kubota Engine (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

In this year KET was invited only for supplier that join thier activity sush as Kaizen Community 2020 and QCD Awards and then supplier that get Awards form thier activity. Due to protection the Coronavirus or Covid-19 spreading and including to keep "Social Distancing" Meanwhile, Mr. Ponchai Chungbunsri from P Quality Machine Parts Co., Ltd. was received the "KET Kaizen Community Awards 2020"the Award is "GLOD PRIZE" from "Kubota Engine (Thailand) Co., Ltd." This awards was from PQM team corperation and including PQM would like to thankfull to KET kaizen team that suggestion to PQM and can get the successfully of KET Kaizen Awards 2020 and PQM all member really glad to get this awards.