"SKC Delivery Kaizen Award 2018"

Mr.Pattanasak Saensomros, Managing Director of P Quality Machine Parts Co., Ltd., Welcomed the delegation from Siam Kubota Corporation Limited to visit the results of the SKC Delivery Kaizen Award 2018 The list is as follows:
1. Mr. Charnnarong Wongvitavas (Vice President Manufacturing HQ Deputy GM.)
2. Mr. Akarapon Tinwatthanaporn (Part Logistics Department Manager)
3. Mr. Nantawoot Prongpura (Purchasing - PU2 Department Manager)
4. Ms. Nathabenya Sirisaranlak (Assistant Manager - Part Control)
5. Mr. Paisan Sukchuchawan (Assistant Manager - Purchasing)
6. Ms. Nanthawan Madmai (Engineer - Part Control)
7. Ms. Panisara Thaimee (Engineer - Part Control)
8. Mr. Sarawut Wetpat (PQM Supplier base)
Inside the company has displayed and sell OTOP products and native products. To employees The atmosphere is full of joy. And very pleased. This visit to the management and staff of Siam Kubota Corporation Limited.on December 12, 2018.