"Ban Sabai Ceremony OF P Quality Machine Parts Co., Ltd."

P Quality Machine Parts Co., Ltd. Organized a ceremony to promote bilateral workers at 18.30 pm. at meeting room 2, P Quality Machine Parts Co., Ltd.

Atmosphere in the meeting room The place to celebrate the ceremony to promote the bilateral workers. Decorate the ornament The flower pot. Adorned with colorful paint flags. When it comes time Bilateral employees I have to sit up. There are people who celebrate the ceremony said that making a boi is a slogan. This is the ancient belief before Buddhism. It is believed that when the change of life is often the cause of morale can not be with the ancient, so there is a ceremony "call on morale" to return to the original body. The ceremony to give a salute to the bilateral staff. These bilateral employees have changed their lifecycle from being a student to a bilateral employee. I need to adjust in various areas. Social and personal responsibility "during this transition. Becoming a member of the Vipassi staff is a conscious effort to return to the bilateral workforce for further readiness.